The image of a company depends to a great extent on the quality of its telephone service. Small businesses and the self-employed need this service as they lack time and personnel.

We offer a professional personalised Telephone Service adapted to your requirements. You will be given your own telephone number (DDI) attended according to your instructions at all times from 9am to 7pm Mondays to Fridays.

No more unattended calls

You can meet up with your clients, go on holiday or just disconnect, knowing that your telephone is always attended.

You will improve the image of your company

Because you will have the administrative support available to attend your calls in a totally professional way.

You will have constant access to your telephone calls

You will receive an e-mail corresponding to each call received.

Reduction of your work load

Avoid having to attend to advertising or marketing calls that have no relevance to your business.

Contract with no time limit commitment

You can cancel the contract without any penalty by giving 15 days’ notice.

Only one month’s deposit

You do not have any large outlay. You can begin enjoying this service after paying only one month’s deposit.

Saving on personnel

You will not have to contract anyone just to attend to your telephone calls (saving on wages, Social Security contributions, sick leave, holidays, etc.).