This is a well thought-out solution for those companies or self-employed people who do not have a physical office but need all the advantages of having one: image (professional credibility), personalised telephone service, correspondence address, administration support, etc. If you work from home or are starting up a business, or you want to save on costs, or you wish to open a new branch of your business in another town … this is the service you need. Because your project does not require a physical space. We are able to receive, deal with and attend to your company from our installations while you carry on developing your business from home or are out looking for clients, etc.

  • Address of company and/or self-employed business (registered, fiscal or business address)

  • Receipt of correspondence and parcels

  • Immediate notice given by e-mail of urgent or registered mail received

  • Right to use our postal address and Fax number on your personal business cards and stationery and in your advertising

  • Assignment of own telephone number (DDI) with personalised attention to telephone calls

  • Attending to visits

  • Informing client immediately by e-mail regarding calls received

  • Use of meeting room or office for 10 hours per month, according to availability (non accumulative)

    100€/monthWith telephone service
    • Domicilio de sociedad y/o autónomo (social, fiscal o comercial)
    • Recepción de correspondencia y paquetería
    • Aviso inmediato de correo urgente o certificados recibidos
    • Derecho a usar nuestra dirección postal y nº de fax
    • Asignación de número de teléfono propio (DDI)
    • Atención de visitas
    • Información inmediata de las llamadas recibidas
    • Uso de la salsa de reuniones (4 horas al mes)
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    60€/monthWithout telephone service
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* One month’s deposit and the amount corresponding to the current month payable when signing the contract. * Minimum contract period for a registered address is two months (basic and standard address)

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